Posted on: August 16, 2009 11:12 pm

Preseason Power Rankings

Hey guys, these are my power rankings for the 2009-10 season. Don't tell me they're a little biased, if there is any bias (I'm sure there is somewhere), it is completely unintentional, I'm doing my best to be objective. Haha. Let me know what you think!

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Defending champions and most solid team in the league. Good QB, average wideouts, warrior RB, and oh yeah, a STELLAR defense makes them the class of the conference.

2. New York Giants - The return of Osi Umenyiora is huge. Eli is above-average, the wideouts are fine without Plaxico, Hixon is good, Hakeem Nicks is a #1 in the making, and Brandon Jacobs is a rock. Expect them to be great again this year.

3. New England Patriots - Don't get me wrong, I'd end Tom Brady's life if I had the opportunity, but he is an amazing quarterback. He'll be back by week 3, and this team will be in business. Crappy running game, though. Maroney isn't very good, and Fred Taylor and Faulk are aging. Great team, but it could be a tough year.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Great draft, this wideout corps could get McNabb some career numbers, and maybe a ring. Good defense headlined by Asante Samuel causes problems. LeSean McCoy is a great back to complement Brian Westbrook and should help keep Westbrook healthy into the postseason.

5. Atlanta Falcons - If you thought Matt Ryan was good last year, this year will be even better. Expect an MVP-candidacy-worthy year once more. Roddy White is an awesome threat downfield. Also to keep defenses honest, they have an MVP-worthy runner in Michael Turner. And also one od the best DEs in this game in John Abraham. Uh-oh. Atlanta will win the division. Mark it down.

6. San Diego Chargers - Philip Rivers is a warrior. Kid never gives up. That will come in handy down the stretch. LT knows this is possibly his last shot, and he's healthy. Very dangerous, very explosive. A great secondary duo in Cromartie and Jammer.

7. New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees is the best passing QB in the game. End of discussion. Reggie Bush will break out this year, watch him closely. Marques Colston can hopefully stay healthy and this is the best offense in the NFL. Questionable defense, though, but still title contenders.

8. Baltimore Ravens - A less skilled, slower, weaker version of the Steelers. Still high praise, though.

9. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning can't do it all. They need a running game bad. Defense is good, but not great. May lose the division to the surprising Texans.

10. Minnesota Vikings - Entirely possible Sage is better than expected. Don't hold your breath. Adrian Peterson is unstoppable, the defense is good. Questions in the secondary, but Antoine Winfield and Darren Sharper are both good and should hold down the fort nicely. Great offensive and defensive lines. Should win the division, it's fairly weak.

11. Houston Texans - If Matt Schaub stays healthy, they win the division. Uh-oh, here he goes again, making bold predictions. *Eye-roll* But seriously, he can throw the ball, good receivers in Kevin Curtis and TE Owen Daniels, and the best receiver in the league in Andre Johnson. (Yes, better than Larry Fitzgerald.) Steve Slaton will have a great season, and Mario Williams will be the defensive POTY. Great young team will be around for many years.

12. Carolina Panthers - Delhomme is getting older, but Steve Smith is still great. DeAngelo Williams won't be as successful as last year, but that's because Jonathan Stewart will be great too.

13. Green Bay Packers - Passing game will flourish with great receivers and Rodgers being awesome and all that, but the defense isn't too great and the running game is average at best.

14. Arizona Cardinals - Kurt Warner will not be as good as he was last year. Great receivers and a good running game, but Warner is old. Defense is still suspect despite great couple of games in last year's playoffs.

15. Buffalo Bills - Saw another rankings blog with them at 28. WHAT. THE. HELL. If Tom Brady doesn't come back (which he will), they win the division. No question. Trent Edwards is young, can throw, and has good vision. Terrell Owens is a good complement to Lee Evans, who is a great #1 receiver. Marshawn Lynch gives them the running game they need to keep the D honest, and their defense isn't bad. This is a very good, very underrated , football team folks.

16. Washington Redskins - Clinton Portis is still very effective when healthy, Jason Campbell knows it's now or never and will step up, and with his better play, Santana Moss will establish himself as a bona-fide number one WR. Albert Haynesworth helps this defense a great deal.

17. Tennessee Titans - When your starting QB is Kerry Collins (bad year coming, watch), and his best receiver is Justin Gage... Uh-oh. I'm still a Chris Johnson skeptic, and the D lost a lot when they lost Haynesworth. Still good, but not top-half good. Or postseason-good.

18. Miami Dolphins - Fooling no one this year, Pennington never has to straight good years.

19. Seattle Seahawks - Aging QB, no real running game and no WRs. Average D. Average team.

20. Chicago Bears - Cutler blows up in their face. No WRs. Matt Forte is good, not great, but good. D is aging quickly.

21. Dallas Cowboys - It's time to realize that Tony Romo sucks. It is. Especially with Roy Williams at WR. He also is not the best thing ever. Running game is solid-ish. Very dependent on a break-out year from Felix Jones. Defense should be alright with Mr. DeMarcus Ware, though.

22. Cincinnati Bengals - Carson is healthy, Chad hopefully is a little more focused, but the running game is suspect again. So's the defense.

23. San Francisco 49ers - Must sign Crabtree. He will be the great piece in that offense to allow Frank Gore to run. Even the defense looks good. Could win a few games, but probably won't.

24. Kansas City Chiefs - Cassel discovers Dwayne Bowe, team wins a few games. Team threatens in weak division for many years. If they can get a defender who can tackle. Larry Johnson is not a good runner anymore. Trade him for what you can get and be happy.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars - Crap passing game, good running game, okay defense. Ouch.

26. Denver Broncos - This is the part of the rankings where you cry at how bad the teams are. It starts here. Denver is a disaster. Brandon Marshall, possibly the only good player on the team, has WAYYYYYY too many problems. Champ Bailey is getting old, and the future HOFer can't even carry this team.

27. New York Jets - I expect a lot of flak for this one. Mark Sanchez is a USC QB. I don't believe in USC QBs. No savior here. No WRs either. Thomas Jones will settle back down to his old self this year, and also, while the defense improved, it still has lots to do. Bad bad bad bad.

28. Cleveland Browns - More pain while writing. No viable QB option. Not that it matters, Braylon Edwards's hands are bricks. The running game is old and tired, and the D is gaping. Cleveland fans, you're in for a long year.

29. Detroit Lions - Stafford will be okay, especially with a stud like Calvin Johnson lining up wide. The running game isn't very good, but it's decent. The defense is very suspect, though. Very, very, very. Bright future, though.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - No QB. No real RB. No WR. Bad D. Long year. Just blow up the team.

31. St. Louis Rams - I feel terrible for Steven Jackson. I really do. Such a great player on such a terrible, no-talent team.

32. Oakland Raiders - Literally the worst franchise in pro sports after the Washington Nationals. Al Davis cannot possibly get any stupider. Everything with this team is wrong. I give them 2 wins, but we could have another 0-16 team on our hands. We really could.
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